Thank you for visiting the Parasite Ecology blog!

Yes, please use my cartoons for educational purposes!

If you want to use my cartoons in your scientific presentations, outreach activities, or classroom activities, just stick the website link (parasiteecology.wordpress.com) near the cartoon so that people know where they can find similar content. You cannot use my cartoons in published works (e.g., books, papers) unless you have my written permission to do so. If you’re not sure, just ask! dinoverm (at) gmail.com

How does one go about following this blog?

It is easy to subscribe to blog updates, even if you don’t have a WordPress account. If you go to the main page, there is a “follow” button on the right-hand side bar that will allow you to subscribe to email notifications for each new post. You can also follow on Twitter (@dinoverm), but I often forget to tweet posts on the blog account. Sorry that my hiatus has been so long! I’ll hopefully return after I finish textbook writing.

Why is it “parasite” ecology and not “disease” ecology?

The honest answer is that when I was picking a title for this blog, I found several existing blogs that were named Disease Ecology.  I thought for a while about cool alternative names.  Rejected ideas included: “Parasites FTW,” “If You Don’t Read this Blog, You’ll Get Parasitized,” “The Cutest, Fluffiest Organisms on Earth,” and “Mmmm, Parasites.”  However, I decided to keep it simple, and go with Parasite Ecology. In retrospect, I should have named it Symbiont Ecology. Oh well.

Send me your cool parasite ecology papers!

If you publish or find a cool parasite ecology paper that you think I should blog about, shoot me an email at dinoverm (at) gmail.com.  I’m especially likely to blog about things with cartoon potential, so feel free to recommend cartoon ideas.

My views are my own.

21 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey! Thanks for all the info in the page. This surely will help me understanding (and passing) a subject 🙂 Best regards!

  2. My department is making a display for the county fair. I have to do a poster on vaccines. Would it be all right to reprint your Life Without Vaccination and Life With Vaccination comics to put on the poster?

  3. Great blog! I should have found it long time ago, but just casualy google it looking for some “dilution effect” hypothesis info. Your sense of humour is great. Keep the good writing coming! Thanks.

  4. Hello there!

    Like Manuel, I was also just googling dilution effect info and came across your blog!! It is honestly very helpful. I am graduating in the spring and want to study the dilution effect in graduate school! I will be keeping up with all of the things you post! I am also in a lab at my school which works on studying Lyme disease, so it is very interesting to read up on everything you have going on here!

  5. Hello! I’m a grad student working on re-writing the parasitology lab manual at the University of Colorado. Could I have your permission to use some of your cartoons, with credits of course, in the lab manual? I’d be happy to answer more questions about the project. Thanks!

  6. I dig your blog. I’ve read it before. Don’t know why I waited until now to follow! By the way, a search for the term ‘parasite ecology’ sent me here. So in terms of SEO, you picked the title. One that increases encounter rates!

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