Jobs in Parasite Ecology

UPDATED 28 March 2017

I have started compiling this list of job opportunities involving parasitology, parasite ecology, epidemiology, etc. If you know of a relevant job that should be added to the list, you can post it in the comments or send it via email to dinoverm (@) Happy job hunting!

Summer undergraduate internships:

REU Opportunity: disease, climate change, amphibians (Voyles)

Positions for technicians, lab managers, etc. who 4-yr degrees: 

Field Research Technician (Spotted Skunk Ecology)

Masters student positions:

PhD student positions:

PhD Project Opportunity Parasitic Puppeteers – How do They Pull the Strings?

PhD assistantship in fungal pathogen ecology and epidemiology

Government/NGO positions:

Postdoctoral positions:

Post-doc position: Modeling viral transmission

Postdoctoral Position Available in Disease Ecology (Civetello)

Postdoc position in Disease Ecology at LSU (Elderd)

Postdoc(s) on pathogen spillover (Plowright)

Faculty positions:

Job Alert: Coastal Disease Ecologist

Assistant Professor, Wildlife Health Ecology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine