February Reading Group Paper: Extreme Competence

Happy Friday, Everyone!

It’s time for our second monthly paper for the 2019 Parasite Ecology Reading Group! I’m going to lead this second paper, and the paper I picked is:

Martin LB, Addison B, Bean AGD, et al (2019) Extreme Competence: Keystone Hosts of Infections. Trends in Ecology & Evolution. doi: 10.1016/j.tree.2018.12.009

Last month, I wasn’t speedy in my replies to Twitter comments, because I was working from two accounts. I should be more responsive this month! Give the paper a read and share your comments/questions/cartoons in the comments section on this post or on Twitter. I’ll incorporate them into my post at the end of the month.

Please remember our Rules of Engagement:

  • DO ask questions if you do not understand some aspect of the paper.
  • DO say nice things about the paper: tell us why you think the results are important, wax eloquent on your favorite figure, etc.
  • DO share your cartoons/scribbles, puns, poems, etc. that were inspired by the paper. As long as they’re respectful and PG-13, I’ll post all of them!
  • DO pick papers that everyone will enjoy and/or benefit from reading, which is especially likely if you pick readable papers from relatively high impact journals.
  • DO respectfully engage with the rest of the community; help us answer questions and have lively discussions!
  • DO NOT criticize the papers, even if you do it “in a nice way”. I will delete any blog comments that negatively assess any aspect of any paper (study design, stats, conclusions, etc.). I don’t have the power to delete your Twitter comments, but I will ask you to stop participating. You are welcome to share your critical thoughts elsewhere, but this blog is not a venue for bashing peer-reviewed literature.

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