Announcing the 2019 Parasite Ecology Reading Group: Join us!

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Every year, I set a New Year’s resolution to reach a scientific reading goal, usually 265 papers. Sometimes I reach my reading goal, and sometimes I don’t, but I always read more when I have a goal, and I think that this makes me a better scientist. This year, I’ve decided to boost my reading (and hopefully yours, too!) by spicing things up. Today, we’re launching (drum roll, please!) the 2019 Parasite Ecology Reading Group, which you are all cordially invited to join! I’m still working on the right name/acronym (ideas welcome), but I’ve nailed down the other important details:

Each month, one person (not always, or even usually, the regular author of this blog), will pick a paper that they did not write and that will be of general interest to people who study parasites. We will announce that paper in the first week of the month and the person leading the paper will guest blog about it on the last week of the month. In between the announcement and the post, we’ll collect questions/comments/reactions from everyone who wants to participate, and we’ll respond to and feature those questions/comments/reactions in the end-of-the-month post.

How to get involved:

  • If you want to lead a paper and write a guest post this year, let me know your preferred month(s)! You can reach me in the comments, on twitter, or via email (dinoverm @ gmail).
  • If you want to participate in group discussions, all you need to do is stay tuned, follow the rules of engagement (below), and comment on the blog or the relevant twitter threads when we announce each paper. (If you’re feeling shy about participating, you can also email me your thoughts.)       

Some rules of engagement:

  • DO ask questions if you do not understand some aspect of the paper.
  • DO say nice things about the paper: tell us why you think the results are important, wax eloquent on your favorite figure, etc.
  • DO share your cartoons/scribbles, puns, poems, etc. that were inspired by the paper. As long as they’re respectful and PG-13, I’ll post all of them!
  • DO pick papers that everyone will enjoy and/or benefit from reading, which is especially likely if you pick readable papers from relatively high impact journals.
  • DO respectfully engage with the rest of the community; help us answer questions and have lively discussions!
  • DO NOT criticize the papers, even if you do it “in a nice way”. I will delete any blog comments that negatively assess any aspect of any paper (study design, stats, conclusions, etc.). I don’t have the power to delete your Twitter comments, but I will ask you to stop participating. You are welcome to share your critical thoughts elsewhere, but this blog is not a venue for bashing peer-reviewed literature.

Stay tuned to find out which paper we’ve selected for January!

5 thoughts on “Announcing the 2019 Parasite Ecology Reading Group: Join us!

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  2. I would love to lead a paper, summer (june / july / august) will be best for me. I’m pretty much busy the rest of the year, plus I’m presenting papers in class every week this semester which is a lot like this.

    Let me know if you’d like my email address.

    I’ll try to keep up with the papers you post, but no promises lol

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