New Parasite Ecology Papers – January 2018

If you set a New Year’s resolution to read #260papers this year, you might want to check out some of these recent gems. (I’m not providing all of the citation info, in an attempt to prevent accidental inflation of Google Scholar citation indices. So you’ll need to click through for full info.) And if you’re interested in what I’m reading in 2018, you can check my #260papers Twitter thread.

Rabies elimination research: juxtaposing optimism, pragmatism and realism

Corals hosting symbiotic hydrozoans are less susceptible to predation and disease

Disease implications of animal social network structure: a synthesis across social systems

Wildlife disease ecology from the individual to the population: Insights from a long-term study of a naturally infected European badger population

Parasites at Risk – Insights from an Endangered Marsupial

To Reduce the Global Burden of Human Schistosomiasis, Use ‘Old Fashioned’ Snail Control

Contact networks structured by sex underpin sex-specific epidemiology of infection

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