Unofficial EEID 2017 Parasite Ecology Cartoon Contest

EEID 2017 starts this weekend, and I hope to see y’all there! As I always do, I’ll be conducting an unofficial parasite ecology cartoon contest when I watch talks – mostly for my own enjoyment, but also so that I can brag up peoples’ talks and parasite cartoons after the conference. If you want to play – and I hope you will – all you need to do is put a cartoon in your EEID talk.

Finer details:

You do not need to make your own cartoon. If you use a cartoon created by someone else, it’ll count as long as you properly attribute credit to the artist.

The cartoons don’t need to be funny! I’m just looking for cartoons that help communicate your work to the audience. That being said, anything punny is worth mega bonus points.

My favorite cartoonist will be awarded an almost entirely worthless prize (i.e., some publicity for your cool science and bragging rights for a year).

I might be able to look at cartoons on posters, too, but I can’t guarantee broad coverage, because I have to stand at my poster for a while. So let me know if you want me to try to swing by your poster.

Good luck!!

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