What’s on my reading list

The flu and job search committee duties have contributed to me falling behind in reading and blogging. In an attempt to get back on track, I’m posting this week’s reading list (in no particular order).

  1. Pepin, et al. (2017). Inferring infection hazard in wildlife populations by linking data across individual and population scales. Ecology Letters.
  2.  Cizauskas et al. (2017). Parasite vulnerability to climate change: an evidence-based functional trait approach. Royal Society Open Science.
  3. Betini et al. (2017). Why are we not evaluating multiple competing hypotheses in ecology and evolution? Royal Society Open Science.
  4. Weinersmith et al. (2017). Tales from the crypt: a parasitoid manipulates the behaviour of its parasite host. Proceedings of the Royal Society B.
  5. Cohen et al. (2017) The thermal mismatch hypothesis explains host susceptibility to an emerging infectious disease. Ecology Letters.
  6. Garcia-Vedrenne et al. (2017). Trematodes with a reproductive division of labour: heterophyids also have a soldier caste and early infections reveal how colonies become structured. International Journal for Parasitology.

What am I forgetting?

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