Best parasite ecology cartoon of 2016?

It’s the first week of the new year, which means that you get to vote on the best parasite ecology cartoon from last year! In 2013, the winner was “Social Networking in Lemurs,” a cartoon about this study that painted lice on lemurs to infer lemur contacts. In 2014, the winner was “Oldest Trick in the Book,” a romantic cartoon about a snail who was castrated by trematodes. And in 2015, the winner was “Bring out yer dead (prairie dogs),” a Monty Python reference tied to a cool prairie dog plague paper. So which 2016 cartoon was best? I’m opening up the voting for these candidates:

(1) The case of the not-so-boring isopods


(2) A sworm of soldier trematodes


(3) Slugs. Ruin. Everything.


(4) The Curse of the Magical Seed Dispenser


(5) Frogald Stump bans immigration and destroys frog metapopulation stability


(6) “Parasite” fashion show


(7) House cats out of the dog house after Toxoplasma accusations 


(8) Overly-frequent arousal can kill you


(9) Weird vibrations


(10) Survival of the fattest


(11) May the force of infection be with you


Let the voting begin! You can pick your top three favorites using this poll:






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