ESA 2016 Parasite Ecology

ESA 2016 was rather small (and hot), but that didn’t stop a lot of excellent parasite ecology talks from happening! I was consistently impressed with the caliber of the talks: very thorough studies, huge datasets, and so much pretty math!

So uh, you might remember how I was supposed to run an unofficial ESA 2016 Parasite Cartoon Contest. Well, I did, but then I left my notes in the hotel, and I can’t remember all of the cartoons without them. Oops! But based on what I do remember, here are my chosen winners:

Honorable Mention:

One morning, I dragged myself out of bed in time to see an 8:00am talk by Alex Strauss. I was not disappointed by his cartoon performance! Consistent with his excellent use of cartoons in 2014 and 2015, he used cartoons to make some very complex hypotheses regarding the dilution effect very clear for the audience. I could even follow his talk before drinking any coffee!


Noam Ross had a few (adorable) cartoons in his talk. But I’m choosing him as the winner not just for his cute bat cartoon, but because all of his slides were so beautiful. You can go look at them here.

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