Zika, WNS, Anthrax, Bsal, and more

I hope you’re all preparing your parasite ecology cartoons for your ESA talks next week! I know I am – so I didn’t have time to make one for this week’s post. Oops! Here is some pressing parasite ecology news, instead!

Speaking of conferences, I wish I was at this one. The #WDA2016 tweets are making me jealous.

Zika virus is officially being transmitted by US mosquitoes. Also, we now know that Zika virus can definitely be sexually-transmitted. This has led the CDC to recommend that all pregnant women in the US be screened for infection. (WOW!) If you want to know about Zika in your state, here’s an interactive map that you can use.

Increased temperatures in Siberia thawed out frozen corpses, which led to an Anthrax outbreak in reindeer and herders. Yikes.

This isn’t exactly news, but the USFS has a story map about White Nose Syndrome that might be nice to use in the classroom.

I can’t remember if I already shared this, but the outbreak of turtle herpesvirus at the Great Barrier Reef looks brutal.

There’s a recent article on Bsal and monitoring efforts in the US that has really pretty graphics.

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