Winner of the Unofficial ASP 2016 Cartoon Contest

As promised, I was hunting parasite cartoons at ASP 2016. I’m just going to give you guys the Honorable Mention, the Runner Up, and the Supreme Grandmaster (=Winner) of ASP 2016 parasite cartoons that I saw. I know I missed a bunch of good ones, so forgive me! Next time I’ll scrounge up a team of judges.

If you missed out on the parasite ecology cartoon competition at ASP, don’t despair! There will be another unofficial contest this summer at ESA 2016!

Honorable Mention:

Kevin Lafferty didn’t actually use any cartoons in his talk on ecological methods in parasitology, but he did advertise the Parasite Ecology blog and highlighted the diagram that I made for figuring out where you fall on the parasitologist to disease ecologist gradient. Thanks, Kevin!

 Runner Up:

The Runner Up was S.Y. Wang, whose talk was about infection-mediated temperature selection in tadpoles. Great talk with lots of cartoons!


Congratulations to Sara Weinstein – who talked about the origins of parasitism in Animalia – for being the SUPREME GRANDMASTER of ASP 2016 cartoons! Sara didn’t know it, but I’m a Spongebob fan, and she used all of the main Spongebob characters in one her phylogenies to indicate the mollusks, arthropods, echinoderms, etc. Sara was also the Honorable Mention for last year’s unofficial ESA parasite ecology cartoon contest.

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