Invitation to guest blog your symbiont ecology-themed science!

Do you study parasites or other symbionts? Would you like some exposure for a cool paper that you published? Do you want practice communicating your work to other disease ecologists, students, and the general public? Then I have a deal for you!

In my about page, I encourage people to send me cool parasite ecology papers that I should blog about. I’m still happy to receive those suggestions, but I’m starting to get such a high volume of suggestions that I can’t keep up with them all. That’s sad, because you are all doing awesome work, and I would love to feature that work on this blog. So, I’m inviting you – ALL OF YOU! – to write a post about a recent paper (or a suite of related papers) that you have published, which I then will gladly post on Parasite Ecology!

If you’re interested, there are a few posting guidelines that I’d like you to follow:

  1. The paper you cover must involve symbiont ecology in some way.
  2. The paper you cover must be published (at least in press).
  3. The post must be original – no copyright violations! – meaning that you can’t copypaste an abstract that you have used for a conference or the paper.
  4. The post must be written in such a way that someone outside the field of disease ecology (e.g., a freshmen undergrad) could understand it. This can be tricky, but it can often be achieved by reducing jargon and by linking your post to previous posts explaining background concepts.
  5. The post must contain a cartoon! Now, before you let that deter you, let me say that if you really, really, really don’t want to make a cartoon for your post, I’ll make one for you. But making the cartoons is fun, so I encourage you to do it! Don’t worry about your art skills. I trace. A lot. And you can, too.

Please be aware that (1) I can’t pay you to write a post, and (2) I reserve the right to turn down potential posts that don’t follow the above guidelines. Other than that, anything goes – haikus, you name it! – and I’m looking forward to featuring your awesome science!

You can email your posts to me at or ask me questions in the comments or via email. Happy writing!

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