The parasite ecology papers that got away: Part II

There are a lot of papers that I wish I could cover on this blog. (My “To Blog” folder currently has 58 awesome papers sitting in it, just waiting to be cartoonified and posted.) Unfortunately, I only have enough time to churn out one blog post per week, and I’d like to spend those 52 posts per year on newly minted papers so that I’m staying up-to-date on the field. So, for a few weeks, I’m going to turn this blog into a dumping ground for the recent parasite ecology papers that I wish I could cover in lots of detail. I’m sure you’ll find something of interest if you look through these gems!

Fishing out marine parasites?

A while back, Wood et al. (2010) published a neat Ecology Letters paper about the potential impacts of fishing on fish parasites. Then last year, Wood et al. (2014) published some survey work showing that parasite distributions in fished and unfished locations are, in fact, different. If you’ve ever wondered how anthropogenic disturbances affect parasites, this is a great place to start looking! (Also, I previously wrote a post about the impacts of fishing on a different, wicked cool marine parasite system.)

Wood, C.L., K.D. Lafferty, and F. Micheli. 2010. Fishing out marine parasites? Impacts of fishing on rates of parasitism in the ocean. Ecology Letters 13: 761-775.

Wood, C.L., S.A. Sandin, B. Zgliczynski, A. Sofia Guerra, and F. Micheli. 2014. Fishing drives declines in fish parasite diversity and has variable effects on parasite abundance. Ecology 95(7): 1929-1946.

Oh, and if you like those papers, you should check out this one!

Wood, C.L., et al. 2015. Productivity and fishing pressure drive variability in fish parasite assemblages of the Line Islands, equatorial Pacific. Ecology 96(5): 1383-1398.

Interesting Open Questions in Disease Ecology and Evolution

I think I’ve blogged about this paper before, but it’s one that is worth revisiting, even if you’ve already read it! Lively et al. (2014) published some “interesting open questions” in disease ecology and evolution that came up at the 2013 Am Nat symposium. My personal favorite – if you’re wondering – is, “What Is the Role of Host Microbiota in Shaping Disease Ecology and Evolution?”

Lively, C.M., J.C. de Roode, M.A. Duffy, A.L. Graham, and B. Koskella. 2014.  Interesting Open Questions in Disease Ecology and Evolution. The American Naturalist 184: S1-S8.

It’s a predator–eat–parasite world

I really, really, reallyreally, really, really like reading about predators that eat parasites. So here’s a paper about that.

Orlofske, S.A., R.C. Jadin, and P.T.J. Johnson. 2015. It’s a predator–eat–parasite world: how characteristics of predator, parasite and environment affect consumption. Oecologia 178(2): 537-547.

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