The Future of Disease Ecology

To celebrate ESA’s Centennial, ecologists are looking forward and identifying the future challenges and goals of ecology. In that spirit, I want to direct you to this open access volume of the journal Epidemics, where a lot of really smart people published their thoughts about the future challenges and goals of modelling infectious disease dynamics. From the preface:

Our aim is to provide a forward-looking summary of research and practice in infectious disease dynamics. Given the current state of the art, what are the most important challenges facing our field, and where are the most exciting breakthroughs likely to occur in the coming decade?

Even if you’re an empiricist with little interest in modelling, I think there are many great ideas for future work in this volume. Go check it out!

Also, if you’re at ESA 2015 this week, remember that myself and a team of my minions will be looking for the Best Parasite Ecology Cartoon at ESA!!! May the odds be ever in your favor.

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