Best Parasite Ecology Cartoon of 2014?

Happy New Year!!

Last year, I let you guys vote on my best parasite ecology cartoon of 2013. The winner was “Social Networking in Lemurs,” a cartoon about this study that painted lice on lemurs to infer lemur contacts.

So, which of my 2014 parasite ecology cartoons was the best? I’m opening up the voting for these candidates:

1. Endless blood meals for $6.95!

wildebeest buffet2. Feel the water on my exoskeleton


3. He’s on ‘todes


4. Oldest trick in the book

Fecundity Compensation

5. Vote Gary for Snail President


6. Pirate worms!

HMS Crayfish 2

7. Godzilla’s parasitoids


8. Niche markets


9. Elepunts


10. I want grand-seedlings!


Pick your top three favorites!

3 thoughts on “Best Parasite Ecology Cartoon of 2014?

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