Most Prolific Parasite Ecologists of the 21st Century

I had a lot of fun playing on Web of Science last week when I was trying to figure out whether parasitism is underrepresented in the ecological literature.  At one point, I accidentally sorted by author instead of journal, and I realized that I could easily generate a list of The Most Prolific Parasite Ecologists of the 21st Century!  And so I did!

I searched Web of Science for any papers with parasit* as the topic, while excluding anything with parasitoid as the topic.  I only searched in the years 2001 to 2013, because apparently the year 2000 doesn’t count as the 21st century.  Finally, I narrowed the search results down to include only these journals: PNAS, Proceedings of the Royal Society B, Oecologia, Oikos, Ecology, American Naturalist, Journal of Animal Ecology, Ecology Letters, Functional Ecology, Trends in Ecology Evolution, Ecological Applications, Journal of Applied Ecology, and Journal of Ecology. Using this method, the top 30 most prolific parasite ecologists of the 21st century are:

  2. AP Moller
  3. PJ Hudson
  4. KD Lafferty
  5. BR Krasnov
  6. H Richner
  7. M Boots
  8. D Ebert
  9. PTJ Johnson
  10. AF Read
  11. LH Miller
  12. A Buckling
  13. FJ Ayala
  14. JC de Roode
  15. MA Duffy
  16. SR Hall
  17. P Schmid-Hempel
  18. S Morand
  19. CE Caceres
  20. J Jokela
  21. AM Kuris
  22. S Gandon
  23. IS Khokhlova
  24. D Mouillot
  25. RE Ricklefs
  26. WH van der Putten
  27. S Altizer
  28. DH Clayton
  29. T Day
  30. A Fenton

And the Golden Cercariae Award for The Most Prolific Parasite Ecologist of the 21st Century goes to: Robert Poulin!  Runners up get free access to everything on the Parasite Ecology blog for a year.  😉


So, my search method obviously had some issues.  For instance, a few people who are probably more parasitologists than parasite ecologists made it onto the list, most likely because I included PNAS in my list of journals.  Also, the exact order of authors is a bit finicky, because some authors only differed by one or two publications.  That means that including slightly different journals might jumble the order.  But in general, I’d say that this is a pretty good list!  If you’re wondering, you needed to get at least 13 publications in the journals that I listed to make it in the top 30 – roughly one publication per year, on average.

Who do you think the Most Prolific Parasite Ecologist of the 20th Century was?

12 thoughts on “Most Prolific Parasite Ecologists of the 21st Century

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