Songs of the Pond Ecologist

I hope you guys weren’t looking forward to anything particularly intellectual today.  This week, I bring you Songs of the Pond Ecologist, a compilation album of my hit singles from this summer.  Apparently I hum songs to myself all day while I’m working.  They mostly all sound the same (e.g., “La la la hmmm hmmm hmm”), but there are subtle differences among them.  For instance, “The pond is not warm” has a faster tempo and more intermittent sobbing.  😉  I’ll take recommendations for tracks for volume 2 in the comments, if you’re so inclined.  


3 thoughts on “Songs of the Pond Ecologist

  1. Oh! And don’t forget picking up frogs accidentally in icky golf course ponds, its more of a squeal than a song but I think it still deserves a place on the playlist 🙂

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